Who the heck is crunching the numbers up there?


I hear those of us on social security will not get a raise again this year since we  “have no appreciable inflation.”

What planet are the powers that be living on?  Maybe a new car or a new mattress hasn’t increased in cost, but the everyday things I must purchase to stay alive – food, medical care, and gasoline are rising like the 17th Street Canal after Katrina, not to mention taxes and fees.


Whomever is crunching the numbers must be on drugs, or their calculators need new batteries.  I would like to remind the social security administration that the money they are playing with is ours, or at least it was before they rerouted funds to study the mating habits of the flea. At the very least, I thing there should be no cost of living increase for federal officials – especially Congress.  Fair is fair.

But what the BLEEP do I know.

Interesting tidbits to boggle your mind.  On the year I was born – 1947 – a loaf of bread was 13 cents and a gallon of gas was 15 cents.  A gallon of milk was 71 cents and the Dow Jones Average was 177.

However, there is good news. Back in 1947, when I made my debut, life expectancy was 62.9.  Oh gee, I’ve already outlived myself.

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