Who was the brave soul to first eat an oyster?


Bored to tears recently while being forced to watch a video on sexual harassment at a civic club meeting , my mind began to wander. As the voice droned on and on my thoughts turned to turnip greens.

Now I don’t know why I related sexual harassment with turnip greens but it seemed connected somehow.. maybe because I thought it strange that I was forced to watch this video and turnip greens seem strange to me – and I’m a Southerner! In the South, turnip greens are considered the creme de la creme. Ick. To me, they taste like dirty socks smell.

I began to wonder who plucked the first leaf and choked it down. He or she probably realized how bad it was and boiled it up with some pork renderings and decided it was okay…maybe even good.

That led me to wonder who ate the first oyster. He must have been on the verge of starvation. And apples. Who in the world had the nerve to eat an apple after what happened in the garden of Eden?

Mankind is always looking for something new to consume….something titillating, something that will demonstrate our creativity. Here comes sushi and tofu – what is that anyway?

.I can’t wait to see what is next. Anyone care to guess? Bromeliad au gratin perhaps? I had the questionable opportunity to sample fried kudzu at a restaurant in recently. It was delicious but what wouldn’t be great battered and deep fried?

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