Why would March of Dimes lend credence to "crippling" event?


Is it just me, or does a 26-mile marathon that requires runners to wear three-inch heels seem a bit sadistic to you? The marathon is going on this morning in New York City and I’m pretty steamed.

As I listened to a news story on the event, I marveled at the lengths to which some organizations will go to raise funds. Guess that’s what it takes in today’s world. But running in high heels? No amount of money would make me do that. It’s all I can do to wear them for one hour to church on Sunday.

And, get this. This insane event will benefit the March of Dimes for Pete’s sake. What would posses that wonderful organization, established half a century ago to combat polio, to lend their name to such a “crippling” event.

Doesn’t surprise me that this scheme is the brain child of that dubious pair of drivel dispensers – Kelly and Regis. (Oh my, I AM becoming a curmudgeon.) The Kelly girl told Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America” that the “lucky” winner will be awarded $25,000. That should just about cover the victor’s surgery.

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