Will MSU finally get some respect?


The Rodney Dangerfield of the basketball world, Mississippi State University defied the odds and captured a 64-61 win over Tennessee yesterday, qualifying for the next round of playoffs leading to the final four.

The SEC tournament win came in spite of numerous blatantly bad calls by game officials and a game clock that mysteriously didn’t move for two complete possessions as the powers tried to give Tennessee some wiggle room to fight back. It was outrageous.

Even the television announcers were openly touting Tennessee.  Their every move was described as “beautiful” and “fluid” while MSU’s three pointers were more likely described as “surprising.”  Gee. I’m beginning to sound like a “sure-nuff” Bulldog despite my years at the other University up the road.

We all placed bets on what far reaches of the globe they would send us to for the next round of play.  One fan quipped they would send us to China if they could.

And sure enough, we drew Portland!

Portland?  Where is it anyway and can you get there from here? Too far for many of us to follow, though we will be there in spirit on Thursday when the Bulldogs play Washington.

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