World’s largest gallstone born in Starkville


That was one whopper of a gallstone!  Crystal Coggins told her husband, Lee, about 9 p.m. one evening that she was having extreme pain. She was pretty sure it was a gallstone.

He took her to the hospital where the emergency room doctor examined her and scratched his head.  Other medical personnel came in and scratched their heads. 

A sonogram was ordered, but Lee couldn’t figure out why.  Exactly two hours later, 10-pound Khloe made her way into the world.

Lee, the manager of Ferrell Calhoun in Starkville, has become a good friend over years of changing colors in my house and rental properties on a regular basis.  He’s the only home improvement guy I know that makes house calls.

I couldn’t believe what Lee was telling me.  No sign, no suspicion, how can that happen?  It did – only two years after they lost a baby.  Needless to say the couple and their family are ecstatic. 

What a great way to have a baby, no nausia, no buying all those maternity clothes, no expensive doctor’s visits. 

A sidebar here.  I was at a dance last Friday night and the band was really loud. I was trying to converse with my friend Kathy.  I casually asked where she got her hair done since I’m in the market for a new stylist.  She responded with a great stylist I’ve known for years – one about my age.

Kathy said “She’s good, but expecting.”  Say What?  All these surprise babies were too much for me to fathom.

Later Kathy corrected me.  She had said “expensive” , not “expecting.”  What a relief.

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