WPHS reunion shaping up

poster for halloween

The WPHS Class of ‘65 has been talking about putting together a reunion for graduates of all years.

After twisting the arms of band members from The Original Torquays (circa 1962-66) along with a few new musicians, we have settled on Friday, October 26 for a Halloween party at our old haunt, “Teen Town” on Westbrook (across from the old WPHS building).

As an added attraction we will hold a Chili-Cookoff and

Chili-Cook-off-Acrylic-Star-Trophy-Small-or-Largecrown the best chili cooker along with the People’s Choice winner. Think how proud you will be to be named the Chili Queen or King!

We invite guests to bring their best chili recipe in a slow cooker, hot and ready to serve.  We encourage a variety – meatless, spicy, white, or surprise ingredients – whatever floats your boat.

After judging (and voting), guests may partake of the entries and enjoy entertainment and catching up with old friends.  Bring along any special beverages you prefer.

The cook-off will begin at 6:30 p.m. followed by music by the Torquays at 8 p.m.. Since it’s near Halloween, costumes are optional (but clothes are required.)

Tickets will be $10 each – chili cookers are exempt. If you’d like to enter the chili cooking competition contact Emily Braddock at e_bjones@yahoo.com for more information.

We are looking forward to recreating the old sock hop atmosphere of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Hope you will make plans to join us on October 26 and relive days gone by.

5 thoughts on “WPHS reunion shaping up

  1. Emily,

    Don’t know whose idea it was to hold a reunion like this, but kudos to whoever. I am going to try and come. I look forward to seeing so many friends from different classes.

    The last class reunion I went to I had to return to Birmingham that night. I had just crossed the Tombigbee bridge when the loving blue glow of a friendly trooper turned around and pulled up behind me. $500 later, I still have no complaints.

    I think we all dream of “turning the clock back” and trying to capture so many of the good things we remember from growing up in West Point. We all know that is impossible, but we still enjoy seeing our friends.

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

    I think we all need to remember the fragility of life and capture these moments while we can.

    Douglas Beckham

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