You can never go home again – unless it’s Halloween!

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Who said “You can never go home again.?  Was it Charlie Brown, or some more literary heavyweight?   (It was probably Charlie since I gave up reading literary heavyweights several years ago.)

The idea is, that once you grow up and have your own life, even if you physically return to your childhood roots, you can’t return to that special place of innocence and safety.  Don’t believe it!  I’m here to say you CAN go home again, and Halloween is a great time to revisit your old “haunts.”

Last night several of my oldest and dearest friends sat around plotting what we will be on Halloween this year.  Gone are the days of being ballerinas or fairies. I thought about wearing my old cheerleader uniform but decided that would be TOO scary. Last year, I wore my wedding dress and went as the bride of Frankenstein, but frankly, stuffing myself into that dress has become exhausting.

We decided to go as witches.  I know that’s not very original, but dressing in black is supposed to be slenderizing and at this stage of the game, we need all the help we can get. We even found some witches hats at CVS.  Now, where can we find some black lipstick and nail polish?

Suddenly we burst out laughing. Here we were – on the dark side of 50, still savoring the opportunity to “dress up” and experience some innocent Halloween revelry.  Things haven’t changed so much after all.

If you want to step back in time, get on your mask and join me over at Waverly Waters in West Point on Saturday evening (Halloween night).  The 60s dance band known as The Torquays will come together one last time beginning at 6 p.m.

You can bet the band – made up of the West Point High School football team – will be playing “In the Midnight Hour” just the way they did in 1965 when we twisted the night away at Teen Town.  The only difference is they will probably play it at 10 p.m. – before we dose off.

I expect we’ll relive the good times growing up in rural Mississippi in the 50s and 60s – no small task since our memories fade in and out like a coma. It’s uncanny how the old gang can piece together different memories to form a vivid snapshot of our youth.

This will be a free concert, but you can bring some treats for sampling.  Everyone is invited.  You don’t have to be over 50 or under a hundred. I wish I could say we were doing it for charity, but we’re not,  We’re doing it to feel 16 again.

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