You got squash? We got squash!


Forget milk, I’ve got squash and couldn’t be prouder if I had twin grandchildren.  We planted less than a month ago, and tiny little squashes are already forming on the vines.

The whole neighborhood came over to see.

I haven’t been to the garden in two days since Braddock rigged up the irrigation system.  Walked over there today and couldn’t believe they’re already setting fruit!  I’m going to buy some Ball jars and learn how to “can.”  I understand the squash will come in with a vengeance.  Does anyone have a good system for preserving them for the winter.  I’d love to know.

tomato blooms The tomatoes are blooming and I can’t wait for that first vine ripened tomato to appear. The peppers have blooms and the cucumbers are taking over their corner of the garden.

I never dreamed a garden could grow so fast.  You must understand this is my first effort and it is a heady experience.

On the down side, my red birds seem to have lost a child.. Something was coming down last night, but I had a dinner engagement and couldn’t stand by with the camera.  Daddy Red Bird was flying around the nest and the mother kept flying to nearby points.  I think they were giving flying lessons. And I did SO want to learn to fly.

birds 005You can see the father bird here waiting patiently on the rabbit ear as the mother flew a pre-planned pattern around my courtyard.

While the parents were out just now. I tip toed over the snapped the shot below.  What happened to the other bird?  There were two.

Now that I think about it, the second bird seemed  a little puny.  I’m shredding my left over cornbread dressing from Christmas and tossing it out – food has always been the the way to deal with tragedy.

Below you can see T-bird – I named her  for “tough bird.”  I assume she’s female since she doesn’t have the vivid red color of the male.


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