You just need a work-out buddy


Today was a day to remember.  Brenda and I completed our 7th week working out at the gym.  I never thought we would have made it past the third week.  Fooled the heck out of me.

You know what?  It has become a habit. We can’t miss it.  I would be embarrassed to miss a day, and I guess so would she.

We are stronger than we have ever been,  or we never would’ve been able to pick up that 150 pound piece of concrete out of her flower bed to move to the street. We carried it like a feather and high fived when the job was done.

After working out this morning, we spent the day digging in our gardens and swapping heirloom plants – I got more of her mother’s phlox, and she got some of Shirley’s monarda. I gave her some chocolate plant and Ruthie’s English Ivy.

She helped me dig up the new flower bed that I can now plant  since Braddock cut that black walnut tree. Our tomatoes are looking chipper and we dream of that first BLT.

I enjoyed this day which is what I set out to do. My train is on track.

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