Ziplock omelets and bay leaf coffee–yum


One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century has to be the the ziplock bag.  How did we live without them?

Our friend, Jeri, hosted a Ziplock Omelet Party today after church  and I’d forgotten how amazingly easy and decidedly delicious this little recipe is.

jeri's ziplock bag omelet party 010

A ziplock omelet party is perfect for an after- church soiree because you don’t do any cooking in advance, just some prep work. Your guests do the cooking when they arrive… or more to the point, a pot of boiling water does the work.

I don’t know what principles of thermogenics are involved here, but you dump a few unrelated ingredients into a ziplock and the forces of nature consort to produce the perfect omelet.

Here’s what you do.  Beat up a bunch of eggs – two per serving, Jeri recommends.  Add whatever ingredients float yer boat.  Jeri offered chopped green onion, bell pepper, grated cheese, salsa, fresh spinach, and pickled  jalapenos.(I’m thinking of developing a dessert version but it must wait until after my class reunion.)

Seal up the bag and squish out all the air.  Drop the bag into a pot of boiling water and in 13 minutes you will have an omelet you would be proud to serve … let’s see, who do I admire? Who would I like to impress?  Keb Mo.

He’s on my stereo, or whatever you call it these day,  singing ” If no body loves you and you feeling like dust on that shelf, remember you can love your self.” That made me feel pretty good.  Lucky Dawg and Rebel love me too.  I am a lucky woman.

Jeri advises never to put more than six omelets into one large pot. If you want to do more, you better get two pots going on the stove.

Of course, Jeri, made it a little harder as a hostess by offering homemade breads, Asiago cheese grits, and a bowl of fresh fruit. She also served Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and white wine.

For dessert she served a delicious hazlenut coffee.  She asked who wanted it with bay leaves.  Since I’m a new Catholic I thought perhaps that was an Italian or Irish thing. Wanting to seem as Catholic as possible of course, I said “sure”.  I do like the flavor of bay leaves, but couldn’t imagine it with coffee.

As usual, I was behind the curve about 16 years.  It was coffee with BaiLEY’s as in Irish Cream. Sure sounded like bay leaves to me. But it was way better.

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