40 and counting

wedding day

Congratulations to Mack and Olivia Portera and Norma and Bubba Atkins.  This weekend they celebrate 40 years of blissful matrimony. Right girls?  They were married on the same weekend – way back in 1969 in our hometown of West Point, Mississippi.  

toasting Spending 40 years with the same man (woman) is quite an accomplishment in this day and age.

Okay girls.  Will you share the secret of your success for the rest of us who couldn’t get it right?  Seriously, inquiring minds need to know!

We look forward to your responses.  I’d like to hear from Mack and Bubba too.  Here’s to 40 more!

9 thoughts on “40 and counting

  1. Emily, thanks for remembering! Can you believe Olivia & I
    have made it 40 years? I’m sure Bubba & Mack would probably
    have some stories to tell, I know Bubba would anyway. Actually,
    Olivia & Mack have one day up on Bubba & I, but we did spend
    our honeymoons in the same place.
    Oh, by the way, Barton is coming home next week-end.

  2. Okay – so what’s the secret Norma? And where did you spend the Honeymoon? I spent mine in the Bahamas and the airline lost our luggage – that got me off to a really bad start because my groom had to go out and buy all new make-up which set him back about $12 – he never forgot it. I didn’t care about my clothes, but I can live without a little war paint.

  3. Emily–The secret is to end every argument with the same two words–“Yes
    Mam”. Thanks for remembering us. I remember the first date like it was yesterday. We went to a party at Beth Parker’s house after a football game. Tinker and his date went with us. Olivia is in the batroom bathing the grandchild who lives here in Tuscaloosa. We learned today that Andy and Julie(Birmingham) are expecting another boy, so we are a family of male grandchildren.
    This sweet lady I am married to has put up with a great deal from us Portera boys. We love her dearly. Mack

  4. Thanks for remembering us! It’s hard to believe that it has been forty years! In many ways it seems just like yesterday….It has been a wonderful forty years!

  5. Mack – you are two very lucky folks. Hey, was it me who double dated with you (with Tinker)? I know I’m pretty forgetable but I swear it was me!

    Maybe not.

    Congratulations on the new baby – when are ya’ll going to have some girls? All I can get is puppies!


  6. Congratulations! Jimmy and I just celebrated our 40th, too.
    Mack and Olivia, we also only have boys! But aren’t they great? I enjoy reading about my friends from W.P. and hope to see some of you soon. Have a great 2009!

  7. Hey there Brenda! We were just talking about you the other day. Wondering where you are these days. I heard your class is having a big reunion this year – will you be there? See if you can wrangle a few invites for your pesky little underclassmen!

    Congratulations on your 40th. Kathy and Jimmy Wood and Barbara and Tommy Bryan are among others in our ole gang still hitched after all these years.

  8. Emily,
    Yes we will be attending the reunion. Jimmy and I are in Atlanta after selling 2 Curves Fitness Centers in Athens, GA ( home of the UGA Bulldogs). We hope to get nearer our children…either Sea Pines on Hilton Head, SC or Germantown, TN. John, our younger son who is married to Sally Clark, Doug and Grace’s daughter, are in G’town and have our 3 grandsons. Clark is 5 years old, Hays is 3 years, and Gracen is 10 months. They are the love of my life! Can’t wait to see everyone. I enjoy reading about my old friends! Thanks!

  9. How neat that John married “In the WPHS Family” so to speak. How did that happen? I’m going to the reunion – I sort of invited myself – see you there!

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