60-second meals – eat your heart out Rachel Ray

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Rachel Ray has scored big with her 30-minute meals.  But I’m really jazzed about a new concept – 60-second meals.  Now, that’s my style.

“Fast” food just got healthier thanks to whiz chef Jackie Newgent, who has created nutritious, delicious recipes that take just a minute to make.* They’re also under 300 calories each.  Cooking three meals a day in three minutes sounds good to me.

Cheesy Tomato-Pesto Open Sandwich

Heat multigrain English muffin halves (or two slices dense whole grain bread)  in toaster. Meanwhile, cut two thick tomato slices. When muffin halves are hot (45 seconds), immediately top each with one thin slice of part-skim mozzarella cheese, one teaspoon of refrigerated store-bought pesto, and one tomato slice. 291 calories, 11g fat (4g saturated)

Eggs Ole

Crack two large eggs into a preheated, nonstick skillet over high heat (drop a little water into the pan to determine if it’s hot enough; the water should sizzle), breaking the yolks. Cook omelet-style (just one side) for 50 seconds, or until fully cooked. Make sure that yolks and whites are firm. Remove with spatula to plate. Top with two soup spoons of salsa and one heaping soup spoon of guacamole. Enjoy with one handful of baked tortilla chips. 287 calories, 16g fat (4g saturated)

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap


Top one large whole meat tortilla (or wrap) with one large handful of packaged baby romaine salad (spinach works well too), onw small handful of roasted chicken breast pieces, one soup spoon of light Caesar dressing and eight croutons. Wrap or roll. 279 calories, 7 g. fat (2 saturated)

If you toss a handful of chopped raw broccoli out of one of those prewashed bags – I usually add a couple of sliced red peppers from a jar – and Voila, a quick healthy meal.

For dessert, why not peel the paper off a

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