69 men want to meet me


I just got home from the Mississippi State – Kentucky football game. Actually, I floated home , accompanied by a cacophany of cowbells and Rebel Yells ( Oh was that coming from me?).

MSU  won, and the “Sound of Music” could not have been sweeter.

It was a big win for us and I was fantasizing  about Dan Mullen (MSU’s  head coach and my new hero) and the bowl games we might be invited to  attend.

Out of habit, I  logged on to my e-mail account.  It’s like brushing my teeth.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that 69 men want to meet me.  Yes, 69.  I don’t remember signing up for this dating service, but sucker that I am, I clicked on the button to find out about these 69 men who are so desperate that they want to meet me.

For $39.99, the identity of these hunky men would  be revealed to me.


Yeah, right.  I’d rather have a big hunk of parmigiano reggiano.  That would cost me about the same amount and I would be completely fulfilled as a woman.

One thought on “69 men want to meet me

  1. For the same amount I can find out about 112 women that want to meet me…………………………

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