A most delicious accident

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I got caught multi-tasking again.  One of my New Month’s Resolutions was to QUIT multi-tasking because it makes me very messy and disorganized.


At lunch today, I found myself eating a lunch of tomato soup and half a pimiento cheese sandwich over my computer while working on the magazine.

I took a bite of soup while I typed with one hand.  Oh, my, was this common ole Campbell’s Soup, I wondered?  It was scrumptious!

I looked down into my bowl and realized all the pimiento cheese had seeped out from its rye bread bookends and dripped into the soup. Well, let me tell you this.  You’ve never had such a delicious tomato soup.

It wasn’t just any pimiento cheese – but my Aunt Emma’s recipe which is made with no mayo.  It’s three cheeses including Velveeta with Jalapeno plus mustard and pimiento – to die for.  This was so good, I dumped the last of the pimiento cheese into the remaining tomato soup and stirred it around on purpose.

What a delightful accident.  Sometimes it’s okay to multitask. And sometimes culinary accidents create something better.

5 thoughts on “A most delicious accident

  1. Emily, would you share your aunt’s recipe. I love pimento/cheese and would love to try a new recipe. Have you ever added sugar, pepper and salt?

  2. Here it is Pat:

    Emma’s award winning Pimiento Cheese Spread

    1 Lb grated Velveeta (easier to grate if you freeze it a bit before making)
    10-ounces Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheese
    1/2 lb. Mexican Velveeta
    2 4-ounce cans chopped pimiento and juice
    3 T. white Vinegar
    2 T Sugar

    Mix all in large bowl and add dijon mustard to taste. It makes a lot – think she gets four refrigerator containers out of this recipe. It freezes well and she always keeps some on hand. I love it more than any other recipe I’ve had. When my cousin and I visit her, we plunk a big chunk on a bowl of fritos and run it in the microwave for a minute. Whatchu talkin’ bout – this is Gooood.

  3. Emily, the soup makes me wonder if this wouldn’t be a great party spread/dip with salsa instead of the soup. I think I’ll give it a try.

  4. Had all the ingredients except the Mexican velveeta and was so anxious to try this, I improvised…used the regular velveeta instead and added 3 tablespoons of medium salsa. Delicious. Thanks again for the recipe. Will make sure to have ALL the ingredients next time so I can go by the book.

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