A very moving story


The French have a proverb: Si jeunesse savait, si viellesse pouvait, which means roughly “If only youth had wisdom; if only age had strength.”


Some days I feel 15 again and act silly and carefree.  Some days I feel 65 and act my age.

Yesterday was the latter.  I was accommodating my quarterly desire to rearrange the furniture in my house, and suddenly I needed a couple of welter weights to give me a hand.

What happened to the strong woman who once moved a half-ton piano from one side of my mother’s house to the other without leaving a scratch on the floor. I lifted it up and place the legs on towels and pushed and shoved it to its new home.

I tried that yesterday with an armoire in my office.  I only needed to move it about 12 feet. I pushed; I pulled; I cussed; I cajoled.  It wouldn’t budge. I felt wimpy, old and feeble.  I did what any damsel in distress would do, I wandered over to my neighbors’ home with a homemade pound cake from my freezer (compliments of my Aunt Emma).

The guys were delighted, and more than willing to come help me out.  I must remember to stock my freezer with more treats for those times that require a little payola!

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