Ads you won’t likely see again


My friend, Jane, sent me some priceless advertisements than ran in magazines in the distant past.

The one at left made me glad I’m no longer a wife.  I always felt I had the potential to be more than a mixer operator.

Thought you might enjoy seeing these.  You’ll note that many of the products are no longer around. Small wonder.


download I especially love this one at left.  No wonder you don’t see Tipalet around any longer – or the guy for that matter.

Do you think the ad executive who came up with this is still employed?

Ditto for the one below for Blatz Beer which “supplies nourishing qualities at this time and the hops act as an appetizing, stimulating tonic.” It’s a Blatz Blast!






I never felt especially cute while dusting and cleaning.  Must be because I didn’t have one of these stunning aprons OR a feather duster.

I’m off to buy one of each to see if they improve my appearance.


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