Afternoon delight


Yesterday was a bad day.  The upper element of my oven caught on fire; my vacuum cleaner began to make a deep slash on my hardwood floor; and there are no vacation plans on the immediate horizon.

My closest friends and I solved that problem by heading to the Everglades for a little R & R.  (At least we pretended that’s where we were going).   Actually, we were in Clay County at the most peaceful place on the planet – Frank Portera’s retreat, which I like to call six flags over Tibbee ( Tibbee Creek for you Yankees.)


Childhood friends including Marie Portera, Beth Hooker Herron, Bob Marshall, Frank Portera and Norma Clark Atkins were needing a break too. We played together as children and it appears we will play together into the dark ages (that’s when your eyesight suddenly develops black holes).

A highlight was zip-lining for the first time.  I’ve always wanted to do it but when it was offered, I almost fainted. ( I just realized I was still standing on the latter when the photo below was taken, sorry.)  I did zip about 10 feet and almost lost my lunch.


After a lovely afternoon of laughter and mayhem I think I can face a dirty house with no vacuum cleaner and a burned out oven.  I’ve decided the cure for any stress or challenge is to go find some kids to play with. Preferably the ones you’ve played with all your life.

children again

7 thoughts on “Afternoon delight

  1. FUN! Picture perfect afternoon, the forces were with us, rains delayed! As Browning said, “grow old along we me, the best is yet to be…” We continue to prove this statement true.
    Looking forward to the weekend!

  2. Beginning to think “second” childhood is MORE FUN than the “first”!!!

  3. Darn!!! Y’all are having way too much fun!! Wish I could have been there. Zip line looks fun, Emily.

  4. GREAT PICS…..wish I could have been there….need to play with my friends……..

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