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The holy grail of all formed food, molded jello, has never one of my favorites.  My grandmother bemoaned the fact that I never touched anything served on a separate dish at our holiday bashes – well, other than dessert.  But the Jello on its little saucer went untouched.

But I made a HUGE discovery yesterday that will change my life forever.  Since I’ve been avoiding sugar – for going on three days now– I stumbled across a recipe given to me several years ago by Vicki Shramm (back when we were doing Weight Watchers, I think).

tomato_aspic_salad_thumbs It was for a easy tomato aspic.  Now let me tell you a dirty little secret.  I’ve always loved tomato aspic since I first tried it at a bed and breakfast in Natchez back in the 80s.  But I didn’t know you could actually make it in your own kitchen.  (Thought it was like baked Alaska or something.)  So I purchased it in a can at Kroger and ate it right out of the can.

When Vicki told me how easy it is to make and it has so few calories you can eat the whole pan at one sitting, I filed it away.  As I was cleaning out my cupboard yesterday I found a box of lemon jello which is the base ingredient.

I whipped it up in less than three minutes and placed  it in the fridge to “ripen up.”  Last night I gave it a taste. Oh my gosh – it was like dessert!  I was in love.  After my first serving, I had another.  Before I realized what was happening I had finished off the entire recipe and had set myself back a mere 50 calories.

It has zero fat and sugar, and about the number of calories in a stalk of celery.  I added a tablespoon each of Worchestershire and horseradish which really made the dish.

I would have run to the Jiggly Wiggly to get the ingredients to  make another dish, but it was just too cold and icky to leave the fireside.  Next time, I might add some vegetables like onion and celery.

Vicki’s Tomato Aspic

3 ounce box of sugar free lemon Jello

8 ounce can tomato sauce

1 cup boiling water

1-1/2 T fresh lemon juice (I only had a lime but yum)

2 packets Equal or Splenda (I used two packets Splenda and my first thought was – “too sweet” but after a few bites I knew the sweetness was one of its secrets)

Horseradish and Worchestershire to taste.

Mix altogether and place in fridge to congeal.  I was thinking of cutting it into star shapes to serve during the holidays on a bed of lettuce.  (My Martha Stewart veins are showing.)

When I first had it at that Bed and Breakfast – they served it molded in individual muffin cups with a tiny ball of cream cheese inside.  I may try that too.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in aspic

  1. Vicky is a great cook. I haven’t made an aspic for ages. My husband hates it, but I will make myself some with Vickys recipe. Is your head holding together? Jeanette

  2. It’s all better, thanks. Can’t even feel a scar!

    On Vicky’s recipe, you might want to try one Splenda packet at first – My first bite tasted way too sweet, then I realized I liked it that way.

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