Afternoon of hard labor

laying concrete 005 By now you know that my neighbor, Brenda, (at left) is my roll model and the person I would most like to be if I ever grow up. She can do ANYTHING.

She can rewire your refrigerator or sew up a split in your pants.  She is awesome and you know I don’t use that term loosely.

We had a delightful day laying bricks for the foundation of her three tiered fountain.  I never laid bricks before, but think I have a knack for it.

When she told me what she planned to do I figured she would hire someone to come put in the foundation.

But noooo, she planned to do it herself, so we set about becoming bricklayers.

laying concrete 011

We built a form and mixed concrete and dumped mountains into the form.  Finally, the fun part.  She has been saving old brick for years, and we laid the brick into the concrete. In a few days, we will erect the fountain and set (sc) on the porch and do some swangin’ while the fountain drowns out the traffic sounds on our street. I broke six fingernails and have concrete embedded in my jeans.  But what a great day to be out in the great outdoors with someone who is so uplifting!  Come on spring.  We’re ready for you!

laying concrete 008

We were so excited to be done, we high-fived the Weather Goddess for a few days of dry weather.  We should install the fountain about Tuesday, I figure. I can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Afternoon of hard labor

  1. I’m intrigued. How did she know how to do this? Did she google it or read a book about installing a fountain?

  2. Hope you will add the finished picture. Brenda’s sister, Ginger came by my house this afternoon. Lovely lady.
    Making your very own stepping stones using concrete, colored rocks, etc., is fun also. I did butterflies, flowers, a pogoda, etc for my back yard.

  3. So Pat, Where did you find colored rocks, or did you color them yourself. And How did you take your stepping stones? Sounds like something I’d like to do.

  4. Each spring, when the Koi pond and waterfall is cleaned, we add fresh bags of river rock to the bottom of the pond. I sorted through those bags of rock to find ones I needed…reddish, white, orange, black, etc. and used them for the design in the stepping stones. To make the stepping stones, we placed plastic on the lawn, and, using the size form we wanted, poured concrete into the form and immediately placed the river rock making sure they were pushed down into the concrete well. Then, we carefully lifted the form and, on to the next stepping stone. It was fun to do. Do not try to move the stepping stones for a couple of days until they are firmly set.

  5. Bought them at Lowe’s. At the time we did the stones, they also had small containers of larger polished rock. Those would be pretty in the fountain. Colored marbles in the fountain would also be attractive, but I don’t recommend marbles for the stepping stones as they might make them slippery, especially when they are wet. I have also used the polished rock to cover the dirt in large planters. Save your used potpourrie…also dresses up the pots.

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