Aging Outrageously


So our plan to go motorcycle riding didn’t pan out the way we planned and my pants leg got caught in the spokes of Tinker’s BMW bike.  Marie and I had what we once might have called a “blast” this weekend in Memphis while we were trying to prove that aging can be exquisitely wonderful and excruciatingly painful – all at the same time!



If you like the bike, you’ll love the Porsche.  It was just another one of “Tinker’s Toys” which we enjoyed this weekend. Actually, the car belongs to Tink’s wife Jackie who was our photographer! For one moment we felt like the king and queen of something.


Heard, our host (above left) is pictured with Jackie and Tinker at their home in Germantown. Heard’s wife, J. J., took a break from our irritating habit of talking about the “good ole days” by going shopping. Can’t say I blame her.  Jackie excused herself to go to the powder room and never came back.


Heard and J. J., invited Marie and me BACK to Memphis which is surprising since we visited them a couple of months ago and figured they would never ask us back.again.   P2090063Brunch at Tinker and Jackie’s home was icing on the cake.  (Good gosh I’m so glad I grew up in West  Point, Mississippi with some “mighty fine folks” as Jackie likes to say.)

About now, Heard is nervous as a cat that I’m going to post the photos we made this morning while he was working out in his Speedo.  (Sweat it Heard, it will show up when you least expect it.)

We’re born.  We grow up.  We grow older.  High five the person next to you.




9 thoughts on “Aging Outrageously

  1. Aging has indeed proven to be “exquisitely wonderful” and, no doubt, one of the KEY ingredients is the amazing school buddies and their fabulous spouses that so graciously open their homes and hearts to us.

    Such a delightful weekend with Heard, JJ., Tinker and Jackie!

  2. Don’t need a picture of Murph working out in a Speedo; just knowing he does is good enough. Tink’s car is a Porsche? I thought it was a real nice Karmann Ghia. Glad y’all had a good time.

  3. GOT A NEW ONE ON EMILY—-I talked with Heard–told him they will get him—-here is the one on Emily–we are going to see a friend in nursing home—she says she doesn’t know how to get there–I say I do and away I go—she says–WHY DON’T YOU TURN HERE???—I SAY THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHERE IT WAS…. WELLLLLLL—YOU ALL DO UNDERSTAND….DON’T YOU??????????

  4. So glad you had do much fun
    I will have to come take u for a spin in my little red car Emmett gave me on a warm day.

  5. Or you could get a Karmann Ghia convertible if you could find one.
    The most fun car I ever owned. Rarely see them anymore but when I do I covet it . Too bad they don’t make them anymore

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