All girls need a “girl’s night out”

mardi gras 007

Suddenly, my neighborhood is being reclaimed for home ownership.  The rental properties are being rehabbed and young couples are buying the properties and taking pride in their spaces.

Tonight, we had a “girl’s night out” party, and some of the new home owners got together  to figure out how we can promote more of the same.

mardi gras 003

Our friend Ginger, opened up her beautiful home to give us ideas on how to make our spaces more enticing.

I decided to run away from home tomorrow and hire her to redecorate my life.  What a beautiful space she has created out of a place that once was a children’s nursery school– it had like five mini potties in a row in what is now the master bath. The plumbing must have been a nightmare.

Imardi gras 005

I’ m inspired.

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