An epiphany during epiphany


As one who usually buzzes around the planet on auto-pilot, my days typically fade into each other without much thought or reflection.


Today as I absently sipped my green tea (ick – still trying to develop a taste for the green stuff) I had a revelation.  My life is changing fundamentally – not just my routines, but my beliefs and habits and not in a bad way either.  It was a timely thought for this season of epiphany which began on Jan 6 and runs through Ash Wednesday.

It occurred to me that if God can’t get our attention through the everyday miracles he sends us, He is forced to bring in the big guns.  Such radical experiences can come in the form of a family tragedy, a critical accident or a terminal illness. 

A mentor of mine once said, "If you want to change, you’ve got to grow and that can be uncomfortable and even excruciatingly painful. But it never ends there. Miracles happen. Just like a caterpillar which through time and effort goes through a life transformation, eventually what once seemed impossible bursts forth in beauty.

Some of our most fulfilling moments come when we get out of our comfort zone… when we take a risk by putting ourselves into new situations, with people you don’t know. Rough edges are sanded off. Vulnerability becomes a beautiful and magnetic quality and we find gifts we never knew we had.

Maybe it’s time to wake up to the possibilities and be present to each and every moment. Breathe deeply and be aware of what is happening both inside and outside of you. Figure out what you don’t want to see and ask why. We are given the opportunity to go through life, not have it go through us. Make the conscious decision to make each day count and today is a good day to start anew.

5 thoughts on “An epiphany during epiphany

  1. Beautiful insight Emily, continuing to keep you in my thought and prayers.
    You are truly an inspiration, even in your troubled days.

  2. Emlly,

    We seem to be headed in the same direction, BUT, you are much further along than I
    I have had 7 weeks of a world turned upside down, none to my liking, of course:)
    I too, am trying to like Green Tea, instead of my beloved Starbucks.
    It seems so silly when I write something like that down, but it is just one of so many changes that I am just overwhelmed with.
    You are doing me a great service by posting your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and wisdom.
    I am hoping it will sink in to my soul and help to live this beautiful life we have been given another chance to live.

  3. Thank you Molly and Shannon. Shannon, are you experiencing health problems too? God bless. I think today my hair is due to fall out. I’ll never have another bad hair day again!!!! Yippee.

  4. Emily,

    You amaze me, my friend! Even with all you are going through, you still manage to inspire and entertain us! I love you for that!

    E-mail me and let’s get together soon! I need my Emily fix!


  5. Emily,
    Yes, I am, after having perfect health for 66 years, my heart decided to do it’s own thing.
    2 Heart Attacks, Ischemic Colitis, and C-Diff all in 7 weeks!
    8 hospital stays.
    I am recovering, however, thank God!!
    Rare Heart condition called Prinzmetal Angina, just could not believe it!!

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