And I didn’t even get to say good-bye


My friend, Mike Couvillion, died yesterday at OCH Regional Hospital and I didn’t even get to tell her good-bye or how much I admired and loved her.

Mike had retired recently from a very successful career with Mississippi State University.  I last saw her at church week before last and she looked as beautiful and healthy as she did 35 years ago when I first met her.  

She headed up St. Vincent’s Food Bank at our church and worked tirelessly to help those less fortunate and victims of the lousy economy as well as Katrina.  She loaded up a truck with donated shrubs and took it to the Gulf Coast because all the plants there had been destroyed.

She was a marvelous cook and I’ve “borrowed” many of her wonderful Cajun recipes and claimed them as my own.  (Her drunken mushrooms are a classic and I’ve printed it before on the Diva.)

There are very few things in life that are harder to face than the sudden death of someone you care about. Whether it’s a friend, a sibling, or even someone you just sort of know, their loss leaves a gaping hole in the community and your heart.

4 thoughts on “And I didn’t even get to say good-bye

  1. What a perfect tribute to a wonderful person! All of Starkville lost a dear friend when Mike left us. She was as beautiful inside as she was outside. I can still see her beautiful smile. She definitely touched my life.

  2. She was a great professor- I had her when I was at MSU and she touched me too. So sad.

  3. No, we didn’t get to say good-by to Mike, but I hope she knows how much we all loved her. This is another lesson in making sure we express love, admiration and appreciation to our friends and family–now while we can.

  4. Thanks to you all. Listen to this. Mike gave me a ginger lily in 2006 when she was rounding up plants to take to the Gulf Coast. It has blessed me with beautiful foliage, but has never bloomed. I walked out back after her funeral and low and behold, a single bloom had appeared. Don’t tell me there are no angels in heaven.

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