Animal house gets new tenants

animal house 002

For the past seven years, a new crop of MSU students have moved into the house next door each fall.  I like to call it  “Animal House”, but to tell you the truth, none have been animals like John Belushi and his crew.

In fact, they have been wonderful neighbors – always willing to help me do odd jobs around the house – like changing the light bulbs in my outdoor lights which I can’t reach. Or screwing the top off a jar of pickles.  One even put up a fence in my back yard.  The tenants have restored my faith in the younger generation.

One problem:  They call me Miss Emily, which is vaguely disturbing. 

The kids moving in today picked the hottest day of the year in which to move, and I felt sorry for them. So  I took them some lemonade.  They will be more likely to pay me back one day in the distant future when I get my walker hung up in the wisteria.

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