Animal House Redux

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John Belushi had nothing on Bill Poe when he starred in Animal House in 1978.  In fact, Bill has taken Starkville’s “animal house” to a whole new level.

A collector of trophy animals, Bill’s home in the Cotton District is a virtual museum of everything wild – including some of his friends (V. J. Robinson at left is one example).

Ironically, the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum chose the Animal House as the scene of a party honoring Mike and Stuart Vance who have released their book “Aviation in the Golden Triangle.”


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Mike and Stuart are pictured with Mike Smith and Poe last night.

The Vances worked for months researching and interviewing key sources while compiling the book which reveals the unique contributions of area aviators to air travel as it exists today. 

Aviation history runs deep – dating to 1880 before the Wright Brothers ever got their plan in the air.  Charles A. Sullivan, a local attorney was awarded a patent on the first aircraft design, a copy of which we have secured for the museum.  His home on Gillespie Street sat high on a hill which he coasted down while cranking up his “flying machine.”

It’s a beautiful, well written volume which may be purchased at area book stores.

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Keith Remy and Warren Housley chat in The Duke’s Corner off the living room in Poe’s home.

Animal house-stuart vance 004 Conversation is a tad disconcerting when you’re standing under a tiger, but Armando de la Cruz and Dr. Charles Lowery do their best.

Words cannot express Bill’s Animal House beginning with the beautiful maple tree which was uplit to highlight its spectacular color.  (see below)



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