Announcing the Best Xmas Ever Awards!

10 girls and a guy

The season can officially begin now that my friends of 60 plus years celebrated this weekend.  From left seated:Kathy Scalzo, Gail Todd (who came all the way from Colorado) and the Deluded Diva.  Back from left Olivia Catledge, Marie Portera, Norma Clark, Beth Hooker, Ruthie Stafford, Linda Barton, Ann Edwards and Tinker Lautar. (Many names have changed by marriage, but I remember them the way they were.)


We played Dirty Santa as we have for the last several years and Norma took great pleasure in stealing Tinker’s Christmas ornament.  A half century ago, we were playing spin and bottle and hide and seek.  If you went to West Point High School in the 60s your ears are probably burning about now.

norma & tink

Ruthie hosted the party in her festive home that featured 12 Christmas trees and she beat me out again in the “Most Christmas Tree” category.  She ingeniously fashions the trees out of tomato cages covered with various types of garland..

opening presents at Marg Xmas '15

marieThen, later in the day, we went to Barbara Bryan’s home for The Best Christmas Party Ever!

(Left) Marie won the prize for best costume which was pretty big since there were no less than 100 folks – mostly from West Point High School (The Best High School Ever Hands Down) in attendance.  We are lucky girls to have life-long friends to share memories which were coming down by the truck load.

The “Best Story Award” belonged to Gail Todd who told us she was invited by an unnamed boy to attend a high school dance in 9th grade. He never even asker her to dance and spent the evening dancing with an unnamed girl.  She called her parents to come get her.  She claims she can’t remember who the offending parties were but I know better.

Runner-up in the Best Story award went to Beth Hooker who remembered the first time she met Tinker in 1st grade.  He was a “Yankee” transplant and he grated his pencil erasers and blew the shavings into her hair which made her dislike “Yankees” she heard about in “Gone With the Wind.:”.  Tinker quickly lost his foreign accent and became Mr. West Point High School in 1965.  Ann was Miss West Point High School  What a pair! In our minds we are all Mr.& Miss West Point High School.  Not a dud in the crew, well, except maybe me.

Merry Christmas to all the kids from West Point High who are still crazy beautiful after all these years.

5 thoughts on “Announcing the Best Xmas Ever Awards!

  1. Emily, you were NOT a dud! I hope y’all let me know next year when you’re going to have this Christmas party ahead of time, so I can make travel plans. I would love to come! I miss you guys so much! Love, Carole

    Merry Christmas, all!

  2. We will definitely do that. I know this year has been a roller coaster for you and Don, And don’t forget we’re trying to plan a trip to Perdido ((Beth’s beach house) in late January or February, it’s your call. Miss you much and hope your Christmas is a sweet one.


  3. Dang Tink, I’d of been in the middle of all those women instead of lurking on the side.

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