Another exciting afternoon at the Doggy Park

rebel & Sally

“You take her around the outside and I’ll run inside and we’ll score on those pesky humans.” A tense situation but Rebel and Sally  have a plan.


One of the many things I love about my town is that we have a “Dog Park.” It’s a place to take your pup and let him/her run freely and socialize with other like-minded canines while you get to share pet stories. Since I haven’t been blessed with grandchildren yet, what else can I do?

On a typical Saturday there are at least 15 other canines who drag their owners out to the park to sit and watch them practice stupid people tricks. It’s such fun and I never fail to meet a new friend. I’m certain that pet lovers make the best friends. Plus, your pet goes home exhausted and ready to lay by your side and take a nap.

Today the turnout was a little sparce since the university is on a break. All the Veterinary Medicine students have taken their dogs and gone home, but we had the fire plug all to ourselves. lucky doggy park 030Lucky Dawg isn’t so sure that it’s sanitary. She’s very fastidious. She refused to take advantage of the facilities.  She came home and used my flower bed.  We’re working on her potty training.  She was a stray and hasn’t gotten the hang of blue blood doggy habits.  Shoot.  Neither has Rebel or my granddog Sally.

One thought on “Another exciting afternoon at the Doggy Park

  1. Emily,

    I was so glad to read the posting about our city dogwood park. Matt Cox and myself, Margaret Mcmullen, initiated this project with the parks and recreation director while we were taking a class of “City Leadership” last year. It was my dream for our city to have the first dog park in Mississippi and we made it happened.

    It seems it is a great success. You are so right about the student and pets using it often. When I take my two cocker spaniels, Sadie and Molly to play there are many other little friends there also. I hope all our pet owners continue to use the park and help with the maintence and upkeep by following the rules.

    Thank you for the posting.

    Margaret – Garden District – Starkville MS

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