Another one bites the dust

new vacuum 004

I have come to the conclusion that housekeeping is about as pointless as rolling a big rock up a hill.  Just when you get it to the top it rolls back down, and you have do it it all over again.

I pondered this as I cleaned my house for my Mother’s Day bash.  The project was complicated by my 24-year old Kirby vacuum cleaner that’s way past its prime. Suddenly, with a big belch, it regurgitated everything it had sucked up over the past two months.  I turned it upside down to see what the problem might be, and low and behold, the handle just released itself from the canister and went flying across the room.

Disgusted, and figuring I’d  gotten my money’s worth out of the appliance, I gathered all the parts and took them out to the curb.  Maybe some handy person would pick them up and give it new life.

Now what? Since most of my guests are a generation ahead of me, I considered asking them to check their glasses at the door.  That way they couldn’t see the dust balls or the spider webs on the ceiling.  But no, I dutifully headed out to Lowe’s to shop for a new vacuum cleaner.

After about 30 seconds of contemplation, I bought a spiffy model in pond-scum green.  That seems to be the new hot color in appliances…reminds me of that avocado green from the 70s with a putrid bit of yellow thrown in.  I’ll be embarrassed by it in two years.

Got it home and spent the next eight hours trying to figure out how to assemble it.  When my ship comes in, I’m opening a store for people who are challenged by directions written by someone in China.  Everything in my new store will be already put together and ready to use! The store will be called “No Instructions Necessary.”  Anyone want to invest?

I like the new smaller model though.  Ole Mr. Kirby weighed about 80 pounds and I was sick of dragging it around the house. This little number is about 12 pounds and it’s small enough to maneuver through the legs of my Welch dresser.

The only problem is the cord is too short.  I guess it was designed for apartment dwellers.

5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Emily,
    I too used to have a Kirby, but it was too difficult to use on stairs. I have the exact green model you purchased that I use upstairs. It is fine for most floors, but is very hard to use on thick carpet.

  2. Yeah – I don’t have carpet – just rugs. I really like it – except for that little short cord. Did you try to hook it to an extension cord?

  3. No, but I am sure it would be okay. My cord is plenty long to do my upstairs rooms though. Maybe they have done a safety measure and shortened the cord.

  4. Just wanted to say, I have that vacuum and LOVE it! It’s light weight and ugly in color, yes. It has a great deal of power for such a small appliance, doesn’t it?
    I want to work for your company, I’m pretty good at directions and assembly (toot toot).

  5. Jamie – I’m lovin’ mine too. It’s almost like I can hook it to my keychain and carry it with me everywhere for a quick “touch up.” The color is even growing on me – going out to shop for matching outfit!

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