Are blackberries addictive?


I wish they were.  We’d all be much healthier if we became addicted to blackberries, or blueberries, strawberries, etc.


No, I’m referring to  those little computers masquerading as telephones.  I’m referring to the iPhone and the Blackberry along with latter day versions. According to a new study from Stanford University, the iPhone – and I presume it’s cousins – are, in fact, addictive for some people.

According to the study, 75 percent of smart phone users  admit they take their phone to bed with them. And 69% say they’re more likely to forget their wallet than to leave home without their I-Phone.

iphone Nearly one in four iPhone users say they think of the device as an extension of their body, and  41% say it’d be a “tragedy” if they lost their iPhone.

I have a friend I often sit with in church.  He waits until the very last minute to cut off his Blackberry, then becomes very anxious toward the end of mass.  When the last song it sung, he’s already turning it back on to check his messages.

Sadly, those aren’t even the study’s most pathetic findings . . .three percent of people say they won’t let anyone else touch their iPhone.

Meanwhile, 8% of iPhone users admit they’ve wondered if their iPod is JEALOUS of their iPhone.

Overall, ONE in TEN iPhone users admit they’re completely addicted to the device and would be totally lost without it, while just 6% say they aren’t addicted at all. (Source: Yankee Pete’s Stupid News)

3 thoughts on “Are blackberries addictive?

  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether on not I need an iphone… this convinced me that I don’t!

  2. I’m looking at one – dropped my Razor and now using an old phone that has NO bells and whistles. I know you had a Blackberry, so what’s the verdict? Which is easiest and best.

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