Are we too old for "ta da" moments? I think not.

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Our “ta da” moments are just different as we grow older, that’s all.  I clipped a little snippet from an old Family Circle magazine which spoke to me this morning.

It made the statement that the “middle aged woman whose greatest moment of glory was being named homecoming queen in high school, keeps on looking for joy in all the wrong places.”

“So does the older man for whom the summit of existence was shooting the winning basket in the last second of his high school basketball game.  That was good – that was very, very good – THEN.  But when they (or we) continue to crave the same ta-da experiences decades after young beauty or fleetness has faded, happiness may prove to be elusive.”

Isn’t that rich? It may also prove elusive if we’re always in such a hurry to get where we’re going that we forget to take notice of where we are.  We need to pay close attention, especially as we grow older, to what’s good now – and allow that to make us happy.

morning coffee So what does your “ta da” moment look like today?  For me it’s that first cup of coffee in the morning, propped up in bed with Rebel snoring loudly and Lucky Duck growling at the noise. It’s a big pot of chili, bubbling on the stove.

Something as simple as a good hair day also makes me giddy with excitement as does the sound of William’s voice when he calls to tell me about his latest escapades in Nashville.  It’s finishing a long walk – without excruciating pain – and finding two socks that match!

See – I bet I could count a hundred “ta da” moments in an average day.  Today, I’m going to make a note of them, and really appreciate the small blessings that weave together to produce the fabric of our lives.

3 thoughts on “Are we too old for "ta da" moments? I think not.

  1. Emily,
    My “ta da” moment this morning is watching four deer meandering through my back yard as I type this. It never ceases to amaze me that deer still manage to survive in this area (suburb of Atlanta). Of course, I have to spray my flowers with deer repellent so they won’t eat them! We have seen as many as nine deer at one time.

  2. I overheard a hilarious story on Martha Stewart radio last week. A lady from upstate Illinois called in to relate her “deer” story. She and her husband live on an 18-acre farm with no neighbors for miles. One morning as she emerged from the bathtub she glanced out the window and saw three deer eating her daisies. Without a second thought she raced outside wrapped in her towel and began screaming at them. They continued to eat so she took her towel and began waving it at them. They finally moved on but as she headed back to the house, there sat the UPS delivery man, taking it all in. I’m sure people wondered why I was driving alone, laughing my head off. Now that’s a Ta Da moment – for the delivery man!

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