Are you ready for the second half?

football game

July 1 is a special day that marks the mid-year for all of us: “Second Half of the Year Day.” It’s an opportunity to take a look at the progress we have made on our goals and expectations for the year.


I always do a mid-year checkup on June 30 – it offers a sort of second chance to rededicate myself to my goals and resolutions . Here’s how I’m doing. How about you?

This year finds me behind on all my good intentions – I promised myself to eat more fruits and vegetables (five a day minimum), pack more exercise into each day (one hour minimum) and deliver my book to the publisher.

I’ve done none of the above.  But I still have six months to move them from wishes to reality.  One thing I’ve learned is that wishing, hoping, thinking and praying just don’t get the job done.  You have to apply action steps.

I’ve yet to consistently adhere to an exercise regimen which was painfully clear to as I climbed on the scales this morning, but I did make a doctor’s appointment.  (I haven’t visited a doctor since my general practitioner retired last year.)

Perhaps, you’ll find a similar accomplishment ratio in your life if you examine your year so far.  Six months is plenty of time to accomplish everything we promised ourselves back on December 31.  Won’t you join me in observing Second half of the Year Day tomorrow. We get a fresh start.

Life is a lot like a football game.  We may be behind at the half, but there’s still time to pull off a win.

But I still have one day left (today) in which to be a slug.  Won’t you join me in observing “do nothing day.” I think I’ll go get a sausage biscuit and a bowl of grits at the Starkville Cafe to celebrate – oh, and a “girtle buster” at the Bagel Cafe.  I’ll spend the rest of the morning with a latte at Barnes and Nobel gathering inspirational literature on how to chase my dreams more successfully!

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