Artsy dining in the spring

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A local garden club held their annual fund raiser yesterday with an event they billed “Tablescapes and  Tastings.”

It was a huge success and the featured speaker was James Farmer, the new golden boy of the world of “garden scaping” or making your garden an extension of the home and kitchen.

I had seen him on the Today show several months ago and he’s a delightful Southern-raised boy who has made it big.  (Al Roker and Deborah Roberts hosted his book signing party in Manhattan recently.)


tablescapes 021

The luncheon was a “tappas – type” affair with small individual servings of everything from Tri-fecta pasta to spinach cornbread muffins.  But the best part of the event for me was seeing how creative we can be if we try. The centerpiece, above, is a bouquet of buttons attached to wire.

tablescapes 018

My favorite was the table put together by Ginger Jones and her team from the garden club (right).

She grew the wheat grass base in a big box when tucked in tulips and rabbits.  The plant at the top is a strawberry plant which actually had strawberries beginning to appear.  The team served strawberry soup at this station.  You can see in foreground.

Congratulations to Lynn Black, president of Town and Country and her committee which threw one of the best parties I’ve attended lately.

I started my wheat grass in pots as soon as I got home.  Ginger assures me it will be ready for my Easter centerpiece.

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