At what point do you cross‘over the hill?’


I’m pretty steamed.  “Ladies Home Journal’s” cover story last month screamed “How to have the best body at 30, 40 and 50!

So what does it mean if you have passed those decades – which we haven’t since most of my friends and I are only Fifty-thirteen.

But I feel sorry for the poor women in their sixties.  Should they just sit down and nosh down bon-bons in peace and take up knitting?


And what about the beautiful 70 and 80-year old people?  I’m seeing them all over the place.  Elizabeth Gwen, one of my best buddies in Starkville,  just turned 101, and she is still turning a few heads. She works out, stays active in the community and dresses like a model on Fifth Avenue (which she used to be).

Enough of catering to the Middle Ages – I say bring on something for the over 59 crowd.   We’re not dead yet, but if you read LHJ, you would think folks just fade into oblivion at midnight on their 60th birthday – or turn into a pumpkin.

3 thoughts on “At what point do you cross‘over the hill?’

  1. Yes. I saw this issue, read that title, and thought the exact same thing!
    So many articles for women stop at “the fifties”. Something’s gotta give!

  2. My advise to women 60’s and up…see a surgeon…they take credit cards!
    Make-up is just too risky!

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