Back from the walking dead

talking dead

I peered in the mirror this a.m. for the first time in about eleven days and almost swallowed a tube of lipstick.

Who was that hollow-eyed scary looking imposter sitting in my makeup chair?  Can someone please call an exorcist?

After peering more closely I recognized that tale-tell chicken pox scar from the 50s.  Good golly.  It was I.

Two weeks ago, hospital gownsI was sentenced to an all-expense paid vacation to the local hospital   I broke out midway through the sentence and was promptly returned for more punishment (surgery).  That’ll learn me.

Little did I know that negative sounding experience would result in a memorable week of pampering equivalent to a swanky spa or fat farm.

I even came out almost 10 pounds lighter.  No wonder, you try a diet of Jell-O and pop-sickles and see if you don’t loose 10 pounds in less days.But what I witnessed in the hospital restored my faith in the medical profession.  I’ve never seen such professionalism balanced perfectly with genuine compassion.

And my new doctor could be a regular on ER. He told me I called him Dr. Kildare while under the influence of some delicious drug.  (He is still wearing braces, and had no idea who Dr. Kildare was.)

10 thoughts on “Back from the walking dead

  1. I had been missing your post and wondered where you were. I thought it had been mentioned that last week was to be your class reunion week. So I had just assumed you were out partying. I’m glad that you were pampered, but sad
    that it was in the hospital. We need you well dear friend.

  2. You’ve been on my mind everyday. Praying for you. Glad you’re back from the walking dead and have your humor back. That gal ain’t purrty at all!!! Love you!

  3. My dear, how in the world are we going to plan our New Orleans wingding if you insist on lounging in the hospital? 😉 I will email you and am so glad that you’re getting up and at em again. xoxoxoxo

  4. Your world always amazes me. Your ability to find the bright side of the darkest night is an inspiration to me. One of my favourite songs is from “Wicked”…titled FOR GOOD. For me this applies across the distance of time. Having known you my life has changed for the better..knowing you through the internet has changed my outlook on life FOR GOOD.


  5. You’ve been missed…..Glad you are home. With love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  6. Wondered if you were taking a break. Had no idea. Hope you are feeling better soon and start to recognise the person in the mirror.

  7. Emily, so glad you are back, have missed your post. Was hoping to see you at Class of 64 Reunion. Was a fun time. You stay well.

  8. I too had missed your posts. I thought you had a serious case of spring fever, and you were probably riding into the sunset on the back of a Harley! Hope you feel better sooner!

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