Back to school look takes a nose-dive


Am I jealous or just an ancient relic trying to hang onto her glory days?

I took a stroll through the campus at Mississippi State University this week and was absolutely appalled at what the coeds were wearing on their first days of the new school year.

I don’t know where to begin. Rubber is big in footwear.  Men and women are all wearing shower shoes to class for Pete’s sake!  The women are wearing gym shorts – do they realize how big this makes their derrieres look? Most had wet heads as if they had just stepped out of the shower.

I don’t think a single woman owns a tube of lipstick.

How do they survive? It’s as if “boring” is in.  There was a time I looked forward to football games so I could see what the young girls were wearing.  Heck, I’m selling my tickets and watching the games on TV this year!

I had a flash back to my own back-to-school attire (granted that was a few years back).  It required several road trips to Goldsmiths in Memphis or Kennington’s in Jackson to secure the perfect pleated skirt, sweater set and saddle oxfords.  You will note both stores have gone the way of the dinosaur.  No wonder. Kids today are purchasing their wardrobes at the Salvation Army, from the looks of things.

Pearls, Piccolinos and  Peter Pan

villager Fast forward to the mid-1960s when I took off for college at Ole Miss. Like a herd of cattle, we showed up for sorority rush dressed in identical Villager dresses with Peter Pan collars and the required single strand of pearls.  Ditto when classes began.  Everyone wore panty hose – which were new in the world of fashion in those days – and little Piccolino ballet shoes.

I think we drew our inspiration from Jackie Kennedy.  Who is inspiration for today’s campus fashion?  I’m thinking Amy Winehouse?

We set our alarms two hours before class to shampoo, curl our hair and apply a face that was better than the one God gave us.  That mentality still drives my wagon.  To this day I don’t go out to pick up the papers before drawing on my eyebrows an smearing on some lipstick.

And now I find that au naturelle is fashionable.  Hey, I can be as plain as any 20-something – and with much less effort.  But I draw the line at rubber shoes and gym shorts.

I can see good points in fashion from yesterday and today and readily admit life is probably much simpler since men and women are wearing identical wardrobes.  Parents must be very grateful that they don’t have to invest much money at all in clothing their children.  But I can’t help but feel a little homesick for the days when cashmere, linen and lipstick drove the fashion market.

8 thoughts on “Back to school look takes a nose-dive

  1. I totally agree. What I miss about the 50’s and 60’s is STYLE. We all strived to have it.
    By the way……Is Miss. State actually going to be on TV this year?
    Hotty Totty…

  2. Hey Hey! Be nice now Paula. You just wait till next year. (I can’t believe I’m using that tired old statement we used to make fun of when I was up the road at that other school. I’ve mended my ways and back on the straight and narrow.)

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  4. My mother is probaly smiling down from heaven because you are longing for pairs of Piccolinos and Bass Weejuns. Do you remember the shoe department in West Point at McGaughy’s?

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