Back to where it all began

45th class reunion at ritz 005

Mack Portera (class of ‘64) visits with Don and Carole Higgins Morton and Billy Damron.

As kids, we spent many happy Saturday afternoons at the Ritz Theatre, giggling, throwing popcorn and buttoning it up when the usher came down and shined his flashlight in our faces.  (The movies were so bad, they weren’t worth watching.)

45th class reunion at ritz 010

Benny Bentley, standing, visits with Vicki Shurden Hill, Martha McHaney and Peggy Coleman, Martha’s guest.

Tonight we returned to The Ritz which is now a restaurant and conference center. We had a chance to relive those days during our 45th class reunion.  My observation is that we’re older but not particularly wiser. Still crazy after all these years.

45th class reunion at ritz 021I can still see Eugene and Nancy over in the corner of the theater, smooching.  We liked to sit behind them and watch. I’ll never forget the first time Ronnie Herring held my hand and the earth shifted on its axis.

At left Beth Hooker Herron visits with Ann Edwards Gatlin and her sister Jane. Below Betty Lynn Webber Cameron (aka Swamp Daddy) prepares to attack a huge steak.  The food at the Ritz was superb.

45th class reunion at ritz 016

Back to memories of The Ritz -I remember crying uncontrollably when Bambi’s mother died.  And to this day I cringe when I remember the movie “The Blob” which ran a disclaimer at the beginning: “Scream now while there’s still room to breathe.” We did.

More memories were made to be savored until we meet again – which is tonight night when we hold a dinner and dance.  The very same dance band that played at Teen Town after football games in the 60s will provide the music.

I hope I remember how to dance.

Eh?  Is Bob Marshall, a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, losing his hearing?  Nah, he’s still hearing the music in his head after practicing with The 45th class reunion at ritz 013Torquays all afternoon. His wife Susie, my college room-mate is also in the band.

My old running buddy, Hazle (Linda Hazlewood Dickerson) welcomes class of ‘64 guests Tommy Bryan and Conley Cox below.

45th class reunion at ritz 008

45th class reunion at ritz 009 Bubba Davis who has earned a reputation as a winning football coach is pictured with Barbara Norris Bryan

I wish this weekend would never end.

45th class reunion at ritz 019

And last, but not least, my  Marie.  Who whipped me into shape for the reunion.  God love her.

4 thoughts on “Back to where it all began

  1. Emily, thanks so much for the pictures ( and tagging them, so we know who they are). The Ritz does hold so many memories, I too remember watching “The Blob” at the Ritz.
    Enjoy your reunion this week-end, and give everyone Hugs and Kisses from me…


  2. Absolutely fantastic pictures and article. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone, Emily.

  3. emily…thanks so much for the pictures!! made me wish even more…that i was there!!! everybody looks great!

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