Be something special at MSU


Oh well, our Dawgs couldn’t bring home the bacon tonight. But I loved the new ad Mississippi State University aired during the game with Alabama this weekend. It was entitled “Be Something Special.” By now you know I’m in love with Coach Mullen, and love what he’s done for our school.

So, who do you think is cutest?  The nice man above or the screaming man below?  MSU wins hands down regardless of what the score board says.


All the other universities tout dream-like qualities and pie in the sky values during their TV free time,  but Mississippi State has developed a campaign featuring real people singing the school fight song, mostly off key.  I loved it. Made me want to go back to college and skip Oxford this time around.

Their loyalty comes through loud and clear and it reminds me that Mississippi State is a family of real people without any hint of pretension.  That’s Mississippi State and I’m proud to be an adopted child.

“Hail dear ole State,” sings Coach Mullen, President Keenum, and a host of MSU students, professors and even a few locals who chime in without embarrassment.  The school’s credentials speak volumes in the resumes  of the thousands of graduates who are making a difference in the world.

One football game can’t change that.

4 thoughts on “Be something special at MSU

  1. Amen, and GO DAWGS! Emily, MSU is proud to have you. Didn’t you say you were going to take a foreign language course? That will make you an alum!

  2. You are the only Rebel that I’ve ever known to be converted!!! And on top of that, we got the “cream of the crop”!!! So glad you are a Bulldog Fan!!! ( I do pull for the “Teddy Bears” when we are not playing them!!)

  3. The conversion is not complete. I am starting to accept the fact that we may have to share our ‘cream of the crop’ with State but you will always be a Rebel.

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