Be sure the camera gets your best side

my back

My half sustah, Pam Jones, and I spent the late afternoon today catching up on our “family,” and having our hair tweaked at Park Place Salon.

We are half sustahs by marriage – two failed marriages to boys with the name of Jones.

I’d almost forgotten our family connection.  We’ve moved on, but are considering forming a new clan of former Joneses as a sort of supper club. Bet we’d have a lot of members.

When my new hair dresser, Mollie, finished tweaking my head, Pam said it was the best she had seen on me. My neighbor, Yvonne,  was having her nails done, and commented that  she was glad I had ditched the cotton candy “do.”

I felt  like Rose on Golden Girls. If you don’t remember The Golden Girls, Rose was the ditsy blond from Saint Olaf where people lived in the past and she seemed stuck in the 60s.

I think I’m going out tonight.  If someone approaches me, I’ll just turn my head and show them my best side.

4 thoughts on “Be sure the camera gets your best side

  1. Can hardly wait to see you in person — course I might not recognize you since you’ll look years younger with the new do!

  2. Your looks have never been in question, but your best sides are your personality and heart.

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