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If you’re looking for a pleasant way to wind down after a hard day of work or play, try out the new beer garden at the Chester Hotel in Stark Vegas, Ms.  It really is delightful, if a little rough around the edges as Braddock, William and I found out yesterday.


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The new beer garden has been hyped in the local media since Fox Reality Show “Hotel Hell” came to town a few weeks ago to transform the outdoor space.  Its irritating host – Gordon Ramsey – shows property owners how to spiff up their declining facilities and increase traffic.

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Built in 1925, the Chester Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It features 36 rooms and suites. It also has a Library Restaurant that serves seafood, steaks and sushi and a 3,000-square-foot meeting space. It was voted Best Hotel in Mississippi in 2012 by Mississippi Magazine.

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My son, William, is visiting for a few days and as always we manage to get into a little trouble – but always make good memories. Since my boys are beer connoisseurs (snobs) – we passed some pleasant moments in the great outdoors at the Chester which was a change for the ordinary despite the humidity (thanks to some powerful outdoor fans).

Braddock recalled that he and William saw Star Wars in the old theatre which forms the west wall of the beer garden.  That had to be 30 years ago before we left Mississippi for the Big Easy.

The garden is an extension of the indoor bar and restaurant which offers a limited, but interesting food selection.  Ditto for the beers on tap, which included some craft beers but not enough varieties to keep my boys there for long.  We drifted over to Buffalo Hot Wings for a rousing game of trivia.

2 thoughts on “Beer garden conversation

  1. You all looked marvelous! Sounds like a fun day….Aren’t boys the best?

  2. Most interesting!! Do you know when the show about the hotel will be on television? And which channel? (Great picture of you and Braddock)

    Shirley D.

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