Beware the Ides of March-Congress, you listening?


Here’s your history lesson for today and I challenge all people in positions of leadership to heed the day’s significance.

2008 Ides of March website

Besides the "ides"(halfway point in March), warnings against pride and arrogance were given before and since in countless literary works. ("pride goeth before a fall" first sounded the general alarm in that ancient book of wisdom, the Bible.)

However, the lesson of Julius Caesar may have been lost to history had it not been for William Shakespeare, who wrote the very popular play Julius Caesar, where the famous line is quoted for generations to come in in Act I, Scene II.

I can still hear my high school lit teacher quoting “Et tu Brute” in literature class.  Scared me half to death.

Today, theater-goers worldwide know that Caesar will die a horrible death because he is too proud to see the signs of impending doom. And, as always, audience reaction remains the same : "Caesar, don’t go inside the Senate! "Listen up! You’re about to get whacked!" — but, as we often see in politics to this day, some lawmakers just won’t listen to their constituents.

The moral of the story? Abuse of power has its pitfalls, with a day of reckoning just up ahead. So best beware – all you scoundrels in positions of power – lest the voters wake up and kick you out of office. 

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