Big birthday bash coming in May


Above:  The Blue Goose Café was a staple during the early 20th century.

We are planning a big birthday bash on May 11 when my town, Starkville, Mississippi, turns 175.  It’s going to be a doozie and I hope everyone close by will try to attend.


Above:  Turkey Day on Russell Street around 1920.  Farmers brought their turkeys to the depot to be shipped afar just prior to Thanksgiving.

The party begins at 4 p.m. with cake and ice cream at the Welcome Center downtown (located in the Greater Starkville Development Partnership).  We’ll have live music, games and celebrate much the way folks would have 175 years ago.

I’m trying to piece together a history of the city for the magazine “Town and Gown,” no easy task since the downtown are was destroyed by fire twice (once by accident and once on purpose), and old photos and records are hard to come by.

If anyone has old photos or some juicy stories to tell, please clue me in!  Dero Ramsey, a descendant of David Ames, our first mayor, carries around a wealth of information which I’m trying to tap.

Funny, I grew up in West Point, a mere 17 miles away and had nothing but disdain for Starkpatch, as we called it.  The Yellow Jackets were the nemesis of my Green Wave football team and we used to make fun of the cheerleaders who had a weird way of cheering.

I moved here the first time in 1971 and it was love at first sight.  After getting a taste of big city living, I made a beeline back in the late 90s and wild horses couldn’t drag me away.  Happy birthday Starkville.

3 thoughts on “Big birthday bash coming in May

  1. Where was the Blue Goose Cafe? I reference the Blue Goose all the time when I explain to a server that Maybelle at the Blue Goose Cafe would be very happy with that two dollar tip and they should quit complaining. It’s not how much they make per table, it’s how much they have at the end of the day.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more about living in Starkville————-and truly feel sorry for the people who don’t get to live here! I just can’t believe all the years I wasted living in Memphis!! (And, I have even converted my Coffeeville friend into believing that this is the best of all possible worlds!!)

    Shirley Dawkins

  3. Conley, the Blue Goose was over near my house on Russell Street that leads to MSU. I’ll show you next time you’re in town. I was waiting for the March issue to come out before sending your care package. Will try to it off to you this weekend.

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