Big red sky after “The Chicken Sweep”


After watching the Mississippi State Dogs sweep the Rhode Island Rams in baseball last week, my friend, and almost relative, Bill Poe, penned the following (he is my first cousins’ husbands’ brother.  That’s “family” any way you look at it…).


The Chicken Sweep

IMG_0198 By Guest Columnist Bill Poe

(pictured at left with his friend Ashleigh at Dat Tuesday celebration.)

The Rhode Island Red Chickens thought they could compete in SEC baseball.

When they got behind, I watched them scratching, clucking and plucking around the pitcher’s mound with ruffled feathers and drooping waddles….wondering if it were time to bring in the big rooster.

The bases were loaded. Big Red threw his fastest double-yoked egg ball and it was dog-scrambled as it went sailing over the yard birds and over the left field beer truck. A Chick-filet grand slam! The coach fried him. The big rooster cackled discontentment, hopping back to his coupe with 3 balls stuck in his gizzard. The crowd crowed! These birds were a bunch of pullets. 3 passed out due to heat exhaustion. Too hot for them….56 degrees.

They should know that if they intend to play with the big dogs, they need a few barred rocks and white leghorns on their roost-er. They had never played in front of a crowd of more than 30 and they were mostly family Reds.

The fans were doing "the chicken dance" on the dug-out stage.

They were totally plucked and singed for 3 games. As they limped back to the chicken bus, they hoped they’d never have to return. If they had had to play a 4th game here, the Dogs would bring BBQ sauce to the field for the coup-de-gravy.

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