Big run turns into lesson on life

half marathon

Yesterday, our rag-tag half marathon crew, did our last long walk/run together before the big race next Saturday.  It was grueling, and I never would have made it without my friends.

We pushed each other along trying not to think too much about how we could have been home, reclined on the couch, munching  left-over chocolate Easter eggs.  Total milage logged: twelve (1.2 miles short of our goal, but hey!  It was dark and three hours and seven minutes was long enough.)

We recalled that first Sunday on January 4 when we did five miles (in about the same amount of time) and thought we were going to die.  We’ve come a long way and – for the most part- had fun doing it.

Aside from the difficulty I had getting out of bed this morning, I think we’re ready for the big day.

I got a little peeved the other day when some jerk asked me why I felt it necessary to go to such lengths to hold onto my youth. Good lord,  my youth escaped so long ago I don’t even remember it. This is something we are doing for more important reasons:

To be more energetic and productive than we ever thought possible. This is the surprising thing about any kind of exercise. You think it would make you more tired because you are expending energy. However, I have experienced just the opposite. Since I have started running and long distance walking, I am more energetic and productive than I have ever been.


It will teach you an enormous amount about goal-setting—and the ups and downs along the way. Whenever you set a goal, you almost immediately encounter resistance.  This also happens with a running/walking program. However, you have more control over the variables than other projects, so it comes down to passion and discipline.

It will give you the confidence to take on other significant life goals. Achieving any important goal will help build your confidence. In this sense, training for a half marathon is no different. It was a huge boost to my own confidence. I have noticed that I am willing to dream bigger and set higher goals. I suddenly realize that more is possible.  Is there a Boston Marathon in our future?

5 thoughts on “Big run turns into lesson on life

  1. I am very proud of all of you. I don’t think we are old just in our prime and you are showing everyone we still have it in us. I know ya’ll will do good and the class of “65” is still alive and going strong! Good luck

  2. Good luck and have a wonderful time along the way! You all deserve a big pat on the back for working so hard to achieve this goal. Your readers have all enjoyed hearing about the fun you have had along the way as you prepared for the “big race”.

  3. Emily and Group: Congratulations on sticking with it!! You have already gotten your reward, even before the race begins. Have fun!

  4. Don’t know about my “prime” Carolyn – Unlike fine wines that grow better with age – I’m more like mayonnaise left out of the fridge a bit too long! Thanks anyway darlin’ – Next year I expect you to join us!

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