Bitter sweet memories cloud our minds


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Today we held a going away party for Miss Higgins. She wanted us to call her “Kathy” but she always looked more like Queen Elizabeth to us.

She has a that wonderful accent that makes you want to drink tea. She moved to West Point in 1946 after meeting a special soldier in England. They produced our best friend, Carole, and opened a 5 & Dime which was our favorite haunt when we were kids. She is leaving us and we’re not happy.


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Carole has convinced her to move to Austin, Texas where she and Don have made their home. So we let her go for a little while. The Class of 65 got together today  and cried a lot, and reminded ourselves that Miss Higgins was the closest we  ever came  to royalty. What a fabulous lady. She told us stories about the Germans bombing England. She hid under a tree in her front yard and witnessed a piece of history.

We love you Miss Higgins.  You are amazing and we hope we can channel some of your energy into our lives.

7 thoughts on “Bitter sweet memories cloud our minds

  1. What a delightful story. Mrs. Higgins probably does not remember my daughters and I, but I certainly remember her. When the girls were just school age, they received a weekly allowance and looked forward to Saturday mornings when they would spend, what seemed like hours, looking at all the items on display in her store, and deciding what they wanted to buy.
    Mrs. Higgins was always helpful and answered their questions about the cost of items they liked with patience and care.
    Thanks Mrs. Higgins, and I hope you are very happy in Austin!!!

  2. Ms. Higgins…you are truly an inspiration and a beautiful lady who enriched the lives of so many people that grew up in West Point. I have the fondest memories of all the “neat stuff” in your store and can still see you standing there with that lovely smile.
    God bless and protect you always!

  3. Yes Pat. My mother used to take me there too, but she never told me you could BUY things. I thought it was sort of a museum where you could go see all this wonderful “stuff.” I remember the candy counter and I thought to myself, I can’t wait to grow up so I can buy all the candy in the world!

  4. Yes, I agree when thinking about her she did remind me of royalty and the Queen of England. However, she was ever so humble and nice when you entered the store. I’m so glad that you class members of 65 that are still around the Point honored her before she moves. Thanks for sharing this info and the pictures.

  5. A delightful party and a delightful article about it! The class of 1965 held a special group of women, and I am glad to know you! Carole was my student in graduate school at State and we had lots of fun together. Hot Pants were in style, and Carole wore a pair to class. I thought it might embarrass her to send her to the board, so I did. At the end of the class the male students came up one by one to say, “Please send Carole to the board every day.”

    In high school we bought our school work books at Higgins Five and Dime. I remember Mr. Higgins well, always so eager and enthusiastic. And like you say, Mrs. Higgins so beautiful and elegant, just as she was at the tea party on Sunday. We will all miss Mrs. Higgins.

  6. What fond memories I have of going into Higgins five and dime. Mrs. Higgins was always so pleasant and seemed so happy to see me. Carole, enjoy your Mom and having her close to you-that is a treat. I miss my mother everyday and also I miss MS and all of my sweet friends like you all! Mrs. Higgins, enjoy your new home!

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