Bittersweet fall memories


I drove out to Old Waverly this morning and noticed for the first time the spectacular fall foliage.  This year it seems more vivid than ever.  But maybe I was just too busy to notice in previous years … or care about such signs along the roadway of life.

Now they seem so precious.

90th birthday 012

My trip to Waverly reminded me of a happier time a few short years ago when we were celebrating something or other.  Today we are remembering,

Yesterday, our good friend Carole Higgins Morton celebrated the life of her beautiful daughter, Meredith, (at far right) who died two weeks ago and much too young – five days after her 35th birthday. She is pictured above with her sister Stephanie (left) her mother Carole and late grandmother, Kathy Higgins.

Meredith Morton Kluck passed away following a short, four month battle  with  melanoma  cancer.  She was among family and in the comfort of her home when she passed. Meredith  was  born  in  Austin,  TX,graduated  from  Anderson  High  School  in  1999  and  in  2005,obtained a Master’s  Degree in  Speech Pathology from TexasTech University  Health Sciences  Center  in Lubbock,  TX.

Meredith – just like her parents, Don and Carole Morton, had  a  life-long  love  with  Lake  Travis.  Her  fondest memories as a child were spent on the family houseboat (which was also the place of much merry-making and mirth for the Marganitas – my little band of golden oldies. 

Two years ago, friends introduced her to Christopher Kluck, who also grew up on the lakes and loved boating. The two married this past May.  Today is a great day to take a walk in the woods and remember all those friends who have left us.  In the woods on a fall day, they seem almost close enough to touch. 

6 thoughts on “Bittersweet fall memories

  1. So much love in this picture, 3 generations of amazingly strong and beautiful ladies.

  2. Sweet tribute Emily, remember the special times. Prayers for Carole and her family.

  3. Beautifully said, Emily, I have no words, just my prayers and love. What a beautiful young lady who has a beautiful mother! Sending my sympathy to an old friend!

  4. Lovely words and meaningful tribute to beautiful Carole and her close family. They will surely cherish the memories, as we all do, for those we have lioved deeply and lost.

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