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killing lincoln

Tonight was bitter sweet for my book club.  Frances McReynolds and her lovable husband, Sammy, are moving to Charlotte to be near their children. 

She and Lady Mary formed the club almost 40 years ago. The rest of us got picked for our intellect (or because we could cook?)

I  predict the McReynolds will be back before the year is over.  Starkville gets in your blood and you cannot get it out,


There’s just something about this town. I left for the big city in the 80s, and tripped all over myself to get back. But I digress.

As always, the book took a back seat and we discussed politics and solved all the problems of the world.  Our resident Democrats, Carolyn and Kate, were absent so the rant took a Republican detour.   We pride our selves on our diversity. We have a Jew, a Catholic (me), a Baptist, two Presbyterians, and three Methodists and two unidentified.

But we did discuss the book “Killing Lincoln” which was very interesting even though a hack like Bill O’Reilly put his name on it.  Did you know that a beautiful woman was hanged for the crime?  I didn’t.  I knew about the actor, John Wilkes Booth, and that there was a conspiracy, but my history book didn’t reveal any more details. 

The book was fascinating and a recommended read for someone who loves history.  I’m looking forward to “Killing Kennedy.”

I bet you Kate and Carolyn won’t miss another book club.

3 thoughts on “Book it! Book club is the best!

  1. Another really good one on the topic is “My thoughts be bloody” about the Wilkes family… talk about dysfunctional! Wow, the make the “Running with Scissors” crowd seem not so bad.

  2. I have a friend that says, he left the farm when he was 18 and then worked 42 years so he could afford to move back to the “farm”. Circles in a Circle…Ways of the world…the ways of country folks ?

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