Bootcamp graduation

bootcamp 003

I remember two graduations in my life – the one when I graduated from sixth grade into junior high, and tonight when I graduated from “Bootcamp in June,”  – without passing out.

Above,  left, Coach Tompkins, the meanest, yet sweetest man who ever lived, is trying to whip Marie and me into shape. The others are  our accidental friends: Indie,  Stan Acy, Steven Dewberry, Prewitt (our other coach who played football at MSU and Jackson State and will be competing in August for Iron Man of the World or something), Cary  Hardin and Robin Fant.

I’m taking the picture from a prone position on the ground – because I just needed a rest.

bootcamp 001

Marie dragged me into one of the greatest experiences a couch potato could ever have.  It involved sweat and pain, but it moved me “TO THE NEXT LEVEL.”  After each segment we all joined hands and shouted “TO THE NEXT LEVEL.”

I had no idea what that meant, but I found out, as each routine was a heap bit harder than the last. It was the most grueling exercise I’ve ever experienced, but  it was also  the most invigorating.  I began to see possibilities for a healthier life ahead.

Marie has some crazy idea about Zumba dancing next. I don’t think so, but I’ve told her that before, only to be dragged along in her wake.

5 thoughts on “Bootcamp graduation

  1. Emily, I think after this experience, we could actually play football with the
    Starkville High football team…what do you think?????? Coach and Pruitt REALLY worked us! But, it was great fun and yes, we have definitely moved “TO THE NEXT LEVEL”!!!!!!!


  2. Emily,
    What a nice surprise to read your article today and find my son, Steven, in your picture! He had told me he was in “boot camp” and how hard it was, so I am very impressed that you even attempted this, but much less, graduated to the next level! Way to go, girl! Now you know you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to do!

  3. What!? The “doctor” is your son? I had no idea. I felt safe attempting this boot campy thing when I learned we had a doctor in the bunch. I wish I had known he was your son. What an adorable guy. You should be proud – he really tried to help me along without pandering to my aged status!

    Did you know we have other things in common? We were confirmed in the church together in 2007.

  4. So proud of you both. Wish I had a partner here who would coeerce me into getting off the couch and losing the weight I need to lose before R day in Aug.

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