Breaking my sugar fast


Tomorrow I’m having a brunch for some very good friends – it’s a combo retirement and birthday party.

Yvonne is retiring as head of the Poultry Science Department at MSU and Edna, my cousin from Maui, is celebrating a birthday.

We’ll preface the affair with a trip to the Farmer’s Market where Celtic music is being featured this week.

Our friend, Bob Marshall, will be the token male in attendance.  We usually try to include at least one male at each “affair.”  His wife, Susie, was my college room-mate so it’s completely legit.

I made baked ham and cheese poppy seed sandwiches which can be popped from the freezer to oven and ready in minutes.

reeces 001

I also made that fabulous hot slaw (recipe published last week).  I’ll throw in some marinated asparagus for our health – but the real reason to come is dessert.  Homemade Reese’s peanut butter cups. Ooohwee. I’ll also make a blackberry cobbler with the berries Braddock picked at the cabin last week.

Have you tried these Reese’s bars  yet? The mix comes in a box by the cake mixes and it even includes the pan.  All you do is snip, microwave and dessert is done in less than two minutes.  We’ll all be smeared with chocolate and peanut butter about this time tomorrow.

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