Budding song writer in our midst

Bob and Susie 006

You just never know about folks who surprise you with talents you never dreamed they had.

Today my childhood friend, Bob Marshall (seated), presented us his new CD of tunes he wrote and, at least partially, performed.  My house was rockin’ and curious neighbors showed up for the show.

Bob and Susie 004

Several friends were here to take a first listen to his tunes including sure to be hits as “You Ain’t a Cure, Just a Band-aid on my Loneliness,” “It’s the First Time I’m Not the Last One To Know,” and my personal favorite, “A Perfect Genetic Storm.”

There were more  poignant tunes – like the one he penned for his first grandchild, Maggie.  His wife Susie, my college room mate, accompanies her husband on keyboard with Bob alternating between guitar and saxaphone.

I’m thinking he wrote “A Prefect Genetic Storm” for me since my grandparents were double first cousins. No wonder I have personality problems.  At least I have an excuse.

Their band will be playing next month for our 45th class reunion.  Funny, he still looks like he did in second grade when he broke my heart by giving a cigar wrapper ring to Linda Murrah.

2 thoughts on “Budding song writer in our midst

  1. That was such a fun day. When can I pick up my CD?
    What do you hear from your cousin? She was so interesting and fun.

  2. Hey Judy. Hear Bob and Marie took a little trip. I’m kinda hurt he didn’t invite me along as a chaperon. Let’s get together and plan a white water rafting trip. Mark did one last weekend – I’ll get details. Haven’t gotten our cds yet. I’ll be out of town this week on a trip to Shreveport – maybe be can get together next week.


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