Burning off those holiday calories the easy way

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We’re all facing those holiday parties which can pack on as much as 5,000 calories per event if you don’t watch out – or make an effort to burn them off.  Let’s see, six parties, 30,000 calories.  That’s almost 10 pounds and doesn’t take into consideration  what we do behind closed doors!

raking leaves

You’ve heard the routine. For a 150-pound person, doing these exercises will burn about 150 calories, a great start to getting into shape:

  • Walking a mile at a pace of 15 to 20 minutes per mile
  • Swimming laps for 20 minutes
  • Bicycling for 30 minutes
  • Running a mile at a pace of 10 minutes per mile
  • Climbing stairs for 15 minutes
  • Raking leaves for 30 minutes
  • Playing basketball for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Gardening for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Jumping rope for 15 minutes
  • Dancing for 30 minutes

But I have an easier way

Since the above will hardly make a dent in your holiday calorie surplus, I’ve added a few of my favorite exercises which will burn 100 calories each:

* Slather on lip balm 765 times

* Shear three sheep.

* Let a Great Dane drag you down the street for 13 minutes at 5 mph.

* Wash, halve, and seed two butternut squash (it helps if you have a dull knife like mine),  then watch them bake for 30 minutes. (Watching anything bake is the perfect job for me.)

* Walk backward up hill for 15 minutes

* E-mail for 68 minutes while jiggling both heels up and down. (I guess I have been on an exercise regimen.)

* Sleep in for an extra  hour and 53 minutes.  I hope a nap after the party counts.

If all this fails and it probably will.  Just wait until January 2 and get on a program from the first list.

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